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Export Wizard object list - can each object be named?

I noticed that when creating an export template using the wizard in an automation script (TDP3.7), each object is called “Export query to ExcelFil”. I am using the query file option. Is there any way to name each object? I typically have 3-4 queries in each export template, and as many as 10. It get confusing and tedious when I have to modify one because I have to look through all of the objects to find the correct one.


There’s not such functionality in TDP. However a task QAT-10308 was created for this, so please watch for the future version release notes.
Thank you for your valuable feedback.


The work around my team uses is to create a separate component/template for each export or import action/method/procedure. That way we can assign meaningful names to each one. Hope this helps.