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How can I create an export template with specified column widths?


I am just starting to use TOAD Data Point and I need to create an export template where each column has a different column width. If I use the Export Wizard from the result set, I can specify the column widths but not save as a template. If I create the template from the Tools menu, I can’t specify the column widths.

Is there a way to save the template after I have indicated my column widths?



Hello -

There appears to be two issues here.

The first issue with not being able to save an export wizard template when invoked from an editor result set is intended behavior. The results of an editor can vary wildly depending on the statement used, so we don’t support the ability to save this as a template. You can only save as a template when invoked from the Tools menu, or by right clicking an object from the object explorer.

The second issue is interesting. What export format are you trying to export to? If you want to export to a fixed width column format, then you can set both a default width size, as well as the individual column size when choosing the columns. I’m not sure I understand why you can’t set the column width in your case. Can you provide some more information or perhaps a screenshot?



Hi Mike!
Thanks for the reply. I’m trying to export to a fixed width file and for now i was just using the default .fil file type. Ideally I’d like to export to a .raw file type, if that’s possible. I’ve attached the screen shots of the wizard as I went through it. I get the screen that allows me to set the default field width, but it never gives me the screen with the individual fields. Please let me know what I’m doing wrong! :slight_smile:

Toad Export Wizard.docx (336 KB)


Hi Diana,

This appears to be a limitation of the current export wizard. I’ve created an enhancement request for this, CR #103316.

I’ve created a word document with a possible workaround using an ODBC connection to a fixed width text file. Not the most elegant, but hopefully you find this helpful until we’re able to get this new enhancement put in.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Exporting Via Import Template to a Fixed Width File.docx (440 KB)


Thanks so much for the instructions! This will help until the enhancement is put in.


Was this enhancement request ever achieved? I have TDP 3.3 and still do not see any options to select individual field widths as part of an export to text fixed width. I can only set one width for all fields and would like to be able to export some fields as different widths than other fields.


Chad King


The issue is addressed in our 3.4 release. Please check it out.


To elaborate, when you export from result set directly, you will be able to save the template; when you export query from tools | export wizard, page to set coloumn width is available.


This only appears to allow you to designate fixed width when utilizing the *.fil fixed width extension. Fixed width for Excel does not appear to be an option in 3.6’s Export Wizard. Is this available in my current version and I’m just overlooking it? Or will it be addressed in a future release?




Toad does not have the fixed width option to export data to Excel. You need to export it to .fil file which can be opened in Excel.