Extra focus click required to use F9 in Editor


In .31 and now in .32, I’m unable to use F9 to execute SQL in the Editor without clicking the mouse in the Editor window. I just reproduced this using:

  1. Launch Toad (of course).
  2. New Connection. I have an SB launched autolaunch on new connection.
  3. Fire up an Editor.
  4. Type in a simple “SELECT * FROM DUAL;”
  5. Hit . Nothing.
  6. Hit repeatedly because I’ve had too much caffeine. Strangely, the same outcome as the last step.
  7. Click in the Editor text window.
  8. now executes.
    I am very conscious about the “1 extra click” whine that plagues many an IT Support person, so if this falls in that category, well I’ll still whine while being aware of my whining. And it works “correctly” in GA. :wink:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks Rich. Editor not auto-opening is key.

Looking good in .35! Thanks much!