F4 describe is not working as I would expect

When I press F4 on username, describe window with that user is showed to me.
When I press F4 on package name, describe window with that package is showed to me.
If more packages with the same name exist in DB, selection window appears to choose one of them. It works for different object types with the same name too.

But, if you have package with the same name as username (eg. package XYZ.XYZ), no selection window appers, package is showed directly. I would expect selection window with user and package to choose one of them.

Tested on versions (64bit) and (64bit)

I understand selection window is populated if more objects with the same name are found in DBA_OBJECTS (resp. ALL_OBJECTS). But when describe works with username too, it should also check for usernames.


You can do CTRL+D to tell it you want a particular kind of object in cases like this

There are some ways how to reach that describe dialog, I know. Any chance you can include other "objects" to describe selection table? It would be very helpful If I would see all "objects" with the same name via one table when I press F4.

Thank you

Well, the thing is, I don't want to slow down F4 by running any extra queries. For most users, the first object we find is going to be the one that they want. I don't think we should continue looking, just in case. Your case seems unusual - how many Toad users will have a package with the same name as another user in the database? It seems like this isn't a great idea anyway - maybe one of these should be renamed.

If you need to find all objects by a particular name, object search with "Exact match" is a better place to go. Then you can F4 on one of the results.