TOAD - F4 (Describe on a View)

Appreciate any help on this one.

When I hit F4 on a table or package, a pop up window appears describing the object.

However for a VIEW, when I hit F4 nothing happens. I have checked this on a colleagues machine and it works for them but not me (same version of TOAD -

Any ideas…?



It should work. It sounds like a problem with privileges.

If you create a view in your own schema, does it work?

Another possibility is that it is coming up off-screen. Did you have another montitor connected previously? This was a problem in older versions. We fixed it at some point, but I don’t remember if it was a problem in 9.7 or not.

Cheers John for the quick reply - it was indeed related to my extended monitor.

I set my display to a single monitor, hit F4 on the view and the pop up appeared. Re-centered the location of the pop up to the middle of the screen and then re-enabled my second monitor - a whacky workaround but nonetheless effective.

Thank you very much


I’m glad you had that 2nd monitor handy. If/when you upgrade your Toad, you won’t have to worry about that problem anymore. Newer versions won’t let windows come up off-screen like that.