F6 no longer refreshes all connections in TOAD 16.2 production release

Good evening TOAD team,

I regularly press F6, refresh all database connections, because our database connection times out frequently; however, it no longer works in TOAD 16.2 production release. I have not yet downloaded and installed Beta 17.0, so I do not know it the issue remains in the beta.


Good morning TOAD team,

Sorry, F6 works fine on beta 17.0 and 16.2 on my Azure VD. Only fails on TOAD 16.2 installed in production.


Fixed by opening options, Toolbars / Menus and assigning F6 to Session / Test all connections (Reconnect).

No idea why F6 disappeared. Closed.


Good morning TOAD Team,

Found the cause, when I used Utility, Copy User Settings, Reset to a clean set of user files from base installation, that clears F6 as a shortcut. I confirmed that in TOAD 16.1 that I'm ready to uninstall.


HI Larry,

F6 is not one of our shortcuts. You must have added it at some point. So when you reset, it goes away.


Thank you John!