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Beta Released (14.1.84)

Beta Release 14.1.84 is now available


Change Log

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As most of us are working remotely these days, we tend to blur the lines of when the work day ends. I typically leave TOAD up when I stop for dinner and about 25% of the time come back to wrap up some small items. On the other 75% of the time when I do not come back, the VPN drops me overnight and I start the day by closing and re-opening TOAD which typically had 8 connections or so open that were dropped overnight. The latest release that stopped TOAD from throwing all the Connection errors when shutting it down is a huge improvement. I no longer have to spend a few minutes playing wack-a-mole with all the pop-up windows when shutting TOAD down. It may be a small thing to many, but to me it was a great improvement! Thanks so much!!!! Best Oracle Developer Tool ever, and I have been using it since about 2004. Keep up the great work!

Thanks Michael, I'm happy to hear that!

you can use "Session > Test All Connections (Reconnect)" so you dont have to close and open TOAD again. I have TOAD open for weeks just fine.

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