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"Failed to open the settings for module Automation reverting to defaults"


I started using TDP just recently. I have an automated task that I used to run in TDA just fine. I moved it over to TDP. I now get this message each time i open TDP (see title of this post). I also get the following message when I close TDP: “Failed to save settings for module Automation”. I have the 64 bit beta version I’m sure it’s some setting that I’ve set incorrectly, so any help will be appreciated.

(edit: by TDP I mean Toad Data Point, sorry about that)

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This was a bug that was addressed after last beta was posted.

As a workaround for now just create any suffix in any activity that supports adding suffixes to the output file. E.g., open new Automation, drop Select to File activity onto it, do not rename the activity, set any simple SQL query, set export file name and create a suffix like this:


Run the script.

From now on you shouldn’t see that error messages.

Again, this was addressed already and the next beta will contain the fix.

Sorry for the inconvenience,



Igor, thanks so much, that error was driving me insane! It worked great.