Feature / change request for checked out objects

Hi all,

from time to time I have to check whether I have to check in some packages, views or whatever. For this I use the "Show team coding objects" feature. So far, so good, but this feature has one big disadvantage: You can't do anything in that window (except filtering) and furthermore it's modal in the foreground.

It would be a great improvement if one could directly right-click the objects that I have checked out and do a check-in from a context menu. Another idea could be a new section in the Schema Browser: "My checkouts" or something like that (similar to invalid objects).

Whenever one of the TOAD developers doesn't know what to do on a friday afternoon :wink: it would be great if such a feature could be implemented :slight_smile:

Best regards from Germany

Hi Rainer,

Thanks. Those do sound like good ideas.

I like your schema browser idea - the only problem is that you multi-select objects in the schema browser, you can't do TC operations on them (check in/out, etc). And unfortunately, it's not a simple thing to add. However, I can see how that would be convenient for other schema browser operations.

It would be nice to be able to filter in Team Coding Manager by TC status. Then you could multi-select and check in/out there.

Seems like we could probably get rid "Show Team Coding Objects" completely if the above changes were implemented.

I'll log for some Friday (I already have plans for today, sorry!)


:grinning: :+1:t2:
This needs no hurry.

Hey Rainer,

Am I missing something guys? Why can't you use the Team Coding Manager to mas-check-in your objects, like snap below? Or, for that matter, you can multi-select objects in the Schema Browser and do the same thing.

Or are we talking about identifying all checked out objects across all object types? Is that what I'm missing?!

You can't filter TC Manager by status (Imagine there are hundreds or thousands of tables and you just care about the checked out ones)

Schema Browser can at least sort by TC status, but you still can't filter. Nor can you check in/out multiple at once. Nor can you see multiple object types at once (except in treeview mode, but then you can't sort by TC status).

BTW, if it helps, you can toggle on the Group Panel in the Show Team Coding Objects panel, and see at a glance any/all objects checked out at any given time...

Sure, but then what? All you can do is look at them in that window. Seems unfinished if you ask me.

Agreed that it would be nice to right-click check-in everything right then and there... just thought it might be nice to have a quick way of listing all checked out objects so I don't have to hunt by object type to find them.

For now, it does have the advantage of being the best way to see what all of the checked-out objects are.

Hi John and Gary,

some little clarification from me now :slight_smile:

What I do not need, is a multiple check-in feature, that is contained in the Team Coding Manager.

What I need is a feature to see all my checked out objects at once (is already cotained in Team Coding Objects) and check in from such a dialog, which is not possible at the moment.

Either a "my checked out" filter in the Team Coding Manegr would be the solution or the possibility to directly check in from Team Coding Objects window.

And then there is still my idea of a "My checkouts" tab in the schema browser, but as John said, this could be associated with higher effort.

So I will wait and see which way will be realized. And again - there is no hurry...

Best regards from Germany