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Team Coding Enhancement Request

I recently had to update about 30 views controlled by Team Coding that all had similar names. I was able to easily create a filter in the Schema Browser to so all views with the name ending with _DELTA_V01 that showed the list I needed to check out and modify. Unfortunately, in the Schema Browser you can not select and Check Out/In more the one item at a time. In the Team Coding Manager you can select and Check In/Out multiple objects, but can not filter the list to make selection easy. Could you enable selecting more than one item in the Schema Browser and enable the capability to Check In/Out the selected items.

Screen shot from Schema Browser showing options greyed out when more than one item is selected:


Screen shot from TCM showing the ability to select more than one item is avail:


Seems reasonable. I logged it internally so it won't get forgotten. Might be nice to have a filter in the Team Coding window too.

I did find a workaround. I edited all the views in DEV which does not have Team Coding enabled and created a script to update all 27 views in TST then PRD. I pasted the script into an editor window and ran it via Execute Script (F5). That poped up a Team Coding Check Out window for all 27 Views, where I entered the comment describing the change that was being made. It checked them all out (takes a few minutes across our VPN), ran the script that rebuilt all the views, then paused another few minutes and checked them all back in automatically. This was great!

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