Test All Connections (Reconnect) - kills Toad

Toad for Oracle Base Edition (32-bit)

Many of our instances are on AWS and we have to connect via a VPN. If the VPN drops or times out, and I have many sessions open, I reconnect the VPN and use the Test All Connections (Reconnect) facility to re-establish sessions. But quite often it will hang and enter "Not Responding" mode and never recovers, even if I wait ages.

This didn't seem to happen with v 16.x, only 17.1. This is both inconvenient and has caused loss of work.

The dialog needs to be more robust in its operation. It should never kill the app.

Hi Paul,

I haven't heard about this. I'll investigate. Are you using an Oracle client or is this no-client mode? You may have better luck with one or the other.

In the meantime, if you get into "not responding"...click the red X ONCE (more than one click will close Toad immediately). Then when you get the "not responding" dialog, click "Try to restore". That will wake Toad up.


Hi John

I'm using an Oracle client (v18.5)


Hi @JohnDorlon

When this happens, it always seems to hang on the current Editor's session (one active in the UI). Also, following your suggestion of clicking close widget, I only get

neither of which recover the problem. If it can't disconnect the session, why does it hang? It happens too often for me, is beyond annoying, especially losing work because of it.

Hi Paul,

Bummer. :frowning:

I will try to reproduce this today. I do have one DB that I need to use VPN for, but it's on Oracle cloud, not AWS. We have AWS too but I don't need VPN to get to them.

This option may help. Set it to "Always disconnect and reconnect".


Hi John

Funnily enough, I have that enabled already. I might try the other option.


I am adding a "Connection Time Out" option for next beta. For me, it really helps in the "Reconnect that isn't going to happen because there is still no network path to the DB" scenario. I made the default 10 seconds, but 5 seems to work well for me.

The only catch with it is that it can only work if you are NOT using an Oracle client with Toad (it's OK if you have one installed and Toad uses it to send stuff to SQL*Plus, etc).

The no-client mode has gotten better with each release though and there isn't much reason to use an Oracle client with Toad anymore.