File-open dialog is no longer auto-searching for filename (which exists in Toad 12.1)

I just started Beta and I noted that the File Open dialog has no auto-search function.

In Toad 12.1 when I start typing a filename, a list comes up with all files matching the name I’m typing.
I found this really helpful, it would be a pity if this will be lost in new Toad versions.

Are you referring to the drop down in the file name field (see below)? If so, are you using 32/64 bit, and are you using this dialog or the one for Toad World that has the repository attached (View/Options/Online) I just the latest beta and it works fine for me (if this is what your referring to).



Yes, I was referring to the dropdown in the filename menu, I use the 64 bit version of Toad.
The difference was in the Repository option, thanks for the tip!

To summarize this thread, with Repository enabled, Toad will find all files CONTAINING this text, with Repository disabled Toad will only find files STARTING with this text.

Toad 12.1 / 12.5 with Repository enabled.

Toad 12.1 / 12.5 with Repository disabled:

So there is still a little point of improvement possible in the File Open dialog without Repository.

Thanks, JP

Yeah - this is a bit confusing because we now have the ability to use either the new (w Repository) or the old (without Repository). The old one has been like this for quite some time and it looks like the new one had a few new features added. I’ll make a note of this and send it to the developer to take a look. It won’t get added for this beta, but maybe Thanks for identifying it.

The repository dialog was something that we developed. The non-repository dialog (both before repository came along and now) belongs to MS (although we do a few tricks to add our own items to it).

I’m not saying your request isn’t possible, but for now, you could type tag in the dialog and then hit enter.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, it’s clear to me now.