Schema browser filter dialog

I often click a field in schema browser and do filtering based on that.
If I filter on multiple columns Toad starts to add parenthesis and that often messes up my way of working if I later go in and manually want to change the filter.
Can you please remove this behavior or make it possible to configure on/off?

  1. My filter does not have parenthesis

  2. Select field

  3. Add to filter

  4. Now the parenthesis are there

Does this change your result in some way?

I think the idea behind this that if the prior filter was more complicated, then no matter what you add.... if you "and" something to it, then the new filter will be "whatever you had before" AND "new filter"

If I add additional filters the parenthesis keeps multiplying and if I then decide to remove one filter criteria it gets messed up and you have to match parenthesis to get it correct

I wasn't able to reproduce this at first, then I looked at the code.

We only add the parens if your filter contains an "OR", but we aren't being very smart about it. In your case, the 'OR' is part of 'WO_ERROR'. I'll make it smarter.

Thanks, it is often the small things that gets you