Mouse Cursor / Text

Hello everyone!

I have an issue with my mouse’s cursor within Toad. When the tiny “pipe” of the mouse is blinking, I find it difficult to differentiate or determine if the cursor is on the character I intend to manipulate or if it’s “next to” the character I intend to manipulate. Is there any way to control this?

For example, on this Toad Forum GUI, I can clearly determine which characters my mouse cursor is next to. In Toad, however, part of the mouse cursor bar sometimes “bleeds” over onto whatever character is normally on the right-side of this bar. I really need to change this because it’s very annoying and constantly causes me to retype things due to selecting text I wasn’t trying to select.

I might not have explained the situation clearly, and if so, please let me know and I’ll try to explain it better. Any help you can provide about this is appreciated. I thought it was a font issue at first, but now I’m not so sure…

Hi Casey,

I have a few questions to your problem first:

  1. Do we really deal with Toad Data Modeler, or Toad for Oracle?
  2. Where does this happen? Which component, window? Or everywhere in TDM?
  3. What’s your Operating system, TDM version and screen resolution?

Thank you in advance!