Flashing screen loop

Anyone know what causes TDM to go into a flashing screen loop? I'm running and I've got 4 projects open but only one model open from one of the projects.

It usually occurs on stored procedure writing where I'll open a procedure and the entire screen will flash like 15 times where TDM appears to refresh all the graphics, but during this time TDM is all but unusable.

It's making word extremely difficult to perform.

Since this forum and the product itself seem to be slowing in support, let me ask a different question.

What product would someone recommend as an alternative to TDM? The flashing issue is enough to push me to look for something else and I'm curious if anyone can recommend something.

Toad Data Modeler is apparently no longer supported. Quest will recommend Erwin. But exist also cheaper products from other companies.

Thanks for the reply. I figured something was wrong when the updates stopped and the forums went silent.

We've got a few different products from Quest that all went off track after the Dell purchase and everything has never gotten back on the right trajectory since.

Guess I'm off to find something new.