Wonderful tool: but too many crashed. Almost impossible to work

I use TDM v3.1.7.36 almost everyday. How could I work without? There’s no case tool like TDM.

But I’m receiving too many crashes, even 20 a day.
My TDM often crashes while saving a model, which results, sometimes, in an unreadable model (then, it forces me doing dozen of backups and in working in anxiety because I can expect a crash each minute). Errors also happen when deleting relations.

Please, find here two camcasts of a little, simple and quite common session resulting in an error and of another common violation error I receive.


(watch them with Internet Explorer, not with Firefox 3)

Arialdo Martini
a (wanna be) happy user of TDM.

Hello Arialdo,

Thanks very much for your post.

We also do want to make you a happy user of TDM, please believe us.

You are using v. Since this version we have released several Beta versions (v. is the latest) where more than one hundred issues - enhancements and bugs - have been implemented/fixed.

E.g. in Beta, the problem with MySQL 5 db:
Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error.
Script: PERAttributeMy
Description: Object doesn’t support this property or method.

was fixed.

Arialdo, you are a member of our team as your co-operation is wonderful. And we appreciate it very much. - Thanks to your bug reports, sent models, information you provided us with etc. we managed to discover many problems in TDM and fix them. Nevertheless, the truth also is that sometimes we are faced with problems that we are not able to simulate/reproduce although we try hard. Also, some models we receive from customers (as some errors occur) are corrupted or incorrect. In this case, we always correct the model and send back.

Arialdo, we would be happy if you have the time to test our latest Beta version and see if the problems you are encountering in v. 3.1.7 are fixed. Please download the latest Beta and let us know the result.

To your videos:
Problem 1 - If the problem remains, you can test the model (besides the model verification). Please right-click the model in the Application View and select ‘Test Model’. (Expert Mode must be turned on.). If it returns any errors, you can try to select ‘Repair Model’.
If it doesn’t help, please send us the model.

Problem 2 - This problem should be fixed. If any error occurs, the latest Beta will return a new error dialog. Select ‘Click here’ to see details of the error. (You can select the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ checkbox. )
The details of the error (TDM.elf file) will be saved to this location:
C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler Beta
Feel free to send it to our dev team for further verification.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Vladka + TDM Team