Form customisation has disappeared

I used ModelScripting as a basis for a form to hang some of my scripts on.

I put ModelScripting into the User Packages area (on a shared drive, specified in Paths option).
I created new tabs and put buttons on them to call my scripts. My scripts are also in ModelScripting.

This had been working well for days.

When I opened the ModelScripting edit dialog today I found only the original dialog. My scripts were still in the package.

Any ideas how this might happen?

The orignal ModelScripting was in the My Documents location (but this is no longer in Paths option). This had none of my customisation.


Hello Malcolm,

do you see anything related in Messages Explorer? Something like “refused component” or wrong Parent component?

It might be an internal bug that sits somewhere in TDM3 and waits till someone wants to add a custom Tab. We have already corrected something so if you have the latest Beta, everything should be all right.

Do you have a working backup of your package? If you don’t, you can try to see the package’s raw XML data if there are your additional components. It’s located in the XML node /Package/PartialFormDefs/PartialFormDefinition. Or you can try to send me your package.

Hi Fero,

I didn’t notice any messages - but it might have been lost in among the other messages.

I could possibly have found a backup - but I don’t know exactly when the form went missing.

I looked in the XML file and there was no trace of any of the form I had added. The scripts were still there.

I recreated the form.