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Free Version for Learning Purpose

hi... i need free version of Toad for Oracle for learning purpose. (not trail version)

thank you...

You can download our free version here:

after 30 days, what i should do?

It will still work after 30 days, but not with all features.

From the link above:
This Freeware edition will begin as a 30-day full-function TRIAL, which will convert after 30 days to a more limited function Freeware.

ok... thank you.


If you have already gone through a 30 day trial (this time or in the past), it turns into freeware.

yes, i know it... but you told me after 30 days even if it will turns to freeware but i notice some function are not working as previous trail time. Is there any way to get those functions back?

thank you

The trial lasts for 30 days, then it goes to freeware. Freeware has fewer features than the paid version. There is no way to change that, sorry.

thank you for your response.

it's ok..... but if there is any way i can download the older version which has license no, please let me know.

Sorry, there is nothing like that here.