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No Freeware anymore?


I can’t find Toad for Oracle FreeWare anymore. The FreeWare download link leads me to the trial version.

And the previous version of Freeware is expired.

Does Quest officially stop provide Toad for Oracle Freeware?




They’ve been combined. Download the Trial and then after the trial period expires, if you choose not to renew/purchase, then it’ll switch to freeware.


Hi Rox,

All of our freeware now starts with a free 30-day trial of the full software. After 30 days it will revert directly to freeware.

“Please Note:This Freeware edition will begin as a 30-day full-function TRIAL, which will convert after 30 days to a more limited function Freeware.”


Hi Julie

The IT director at my company was just informed this is NOT the case, and that after the trial expires, you MUST purchase Toad for Oracle and it has no freeware edition.

If this is NOT the case, then I am wondering who, exactly, my IT director spoke to at Quest…


It is possible that your IT director assumed there was no more Freeware when we stopped separating these installers. It used to always be a separate download but we only have Trial and that downgrades to Freeware after it expires.


He actually spoke to someone at Quest, he said. Someone at Quest told him it is NOT freeware. Sorry if that was not clear in what I wrote. He didn’t assume anything, at least that is what he told me.


Mnnn…then someone has their wires crossed. Sorry for the confusion.