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Upon opening a file with the Editor, Special Characters are removed,

Tod for Oracle version 13.
I have a file (a.sql) that contains a line like:

do_something (’// FIELD 198 to 207eTOTAL Dollar$’);

That e is basically char(27).
In an editor like Notepad++ the line looks like:

pkg_fputline (’// FIELD 158 167ESC08QTY4’);

Upon opening the file in Toad ( File /Open File), the symbol e is removed.
How can this be avoided?

Save it as unicode?

That’s what i would try.

Well the issue is not saving it. Is just opening it.
The file is saved fine in Notepad++ or Sql Developer for example.
But in Toad as soon as you open it, the character disappears.

I didn’t mean saving in Toad, I meant saving in wherever the file was created. So it’s already unicode when Toad opens it.

Yeah that doesn’t work. The files are saved in Unicode

Toad specifically removes all unprintable characters. Unfortunately I did not place a good comment at this change or tie it to an issue logged in our tracking system. :frowning: I’ll remove that change and whatever concern there was by allowing unprintables will re-surface in time. :slight_smile:

Ok. Was hoping for an Option to allow them. But is ok.
Thanks from promptly answer/