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Ghost Tab in Toad EDGE

Somehow today this "ghost" tab appeared in TOAD EDGE. I have all connections closed. I stoped and restarted TOAD and the tab is still there.How do I get rid of it?

Very strange... I'm not able to reproduce, at least not on my current mySQL/Postgres variants.
When you connect to a database within the UI, and you bring up other tabs, does the ghost tab disappear?

I have tried closing all database connections and the tab persists. I then quit the app and reopen Toad and the tab persists. I reopen the database connections and the tab persists.

Nothing I do resolves it.

One more oddity. The first tab (after the ghost tab) is labeled #1, the second #3 and the third #4. That started happening long before the ghost tab, but I just learned to live with it.