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Grid - header background visual style

Is there any way how to change background color for grid header. Recently I migrated to windows 10 and header has same background color as records, i.e. white.

In Toad 12.10 and prior: Options -> Data Grids -> Visual. Click the “Edit Styles” button, then “Edit” in the next dialog. Find “Header” in the grid element list and change the font or color however you like, then click OK until you are all the way out.

This is much simpler in Toad 12.11 beta. Options -> Data Grids -> Visual. Click “Edit” and you can figure out the rest.

I know where to edit styles. But I want to change the background color for the header and it looks there’s no option for doing it.

It's there. Once you are in the Style Editor, click on "Header" in the "Grid Element" box, then check the "color" checkbox and set whatever color you like with the '...' button next to it. Maybe you thought that was font color and didn't try it. Font color is changed with the Font '...' button.