[15.1.141] Style "Windows"

I noticed a clear difference to version 15.0: Data grids are missing colors in the headers.

This is 15.0:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-09 um 08.49.33

This is 15.1:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-09 um 08.50.34

Is this intentional?

yeah, also the cell borders are gone:



i hope they will come back :wink:

The "Windows" style is supposed to be the same as 15.0 and prior.

You should be able to change your null color back. Not sure about grid lines but I can add that back if it can't be done in grid settings.

It's not the NULL color, but the row and column headers.

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I think I prefer the new lightweight style, but it does not seem to be consistent :slight_smile:

The first tab of each Editor displays the data grid like this:

The second tab uses he old style:

It will be consistent in the next beta, back to the old way.

But you can customize the "Legacy" grid style (or any of them, for that matter) to achieve the look you want.

Thought so, thanks!

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