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Has F8 (View Recent SQL Statements) been removed from TOAD 12.10?

My F8 (View Recent SQL Statements) does not work - And I can not find any Recall (F8) under Views either - as the Help -> Content suggests.

Has it been removed or replaced, or have I unintentionally removed it somehow?

If you have Quest support, there is nice article, What does SQL Recall (F8) save? (23324)

Do you see SQL Recall listed under the View menu? If not, right-click on your toolbars and choose Customize. On the Commands tab select the [ Unused ] category and locate “SQL Recall” on the right. Select it and drag it up to the View menu. This should restore F8 functionality. SQL Recall underwent some changes that changed the toolbar buttons for it somewhat. This more than likely caused your old button to fall off on upgrade thus F8 doesn’t work.


Thanks - Spot on!

Thanks, I will look into it!