help option dont work.

Hello all,

   just wanted to see if you guys can help me out on this.  I have attached a pic.  When i get the plan for my query...and i right click on the HIGHLIGHTED (yellow part) and click on " get help on INDEX FULL SCAN "  ...its not just index full scan...anything as a matter of fact...HASH JOINs, nested loops....Just trying to learn new things...also just and FYI, i do have the Knowledge Xpert for Oracle Administration and...Knowledge Xpert for i need some other module to run that its very helpful feature to learn new i have a wrong setting or ???

this is inside SQL OPTIMIZER...

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I am not sure why this feature is not working for you. After you have right-clicked on the yellow highlighted step in the execution plan and selected “Get help on …”, look at the Windows Taskbar bar. Do you see icon which has a page and yellow question mark next to Quest SQL Optimi…? This is the Help window. If it is there, you should be able to click it to see the window.

You do not need Knowledge Expert for this feature.

Let me know if you can find the window or if it is still missing.


i actually cant find the icon you are talking about. I have attached a screenshot of the screen i am looking at. Please point me in right direction.


The icon displays on the Windows taskbar, which was not showing in the image that you sent.


i dont think i ever seen that do you pop it open if its out there and i need to say THANK YOU for helping me out...


It does not look like it is working on your computer. What Windows operating system are you using?

windows vista SP1, 32-bit OS


We test this feature using Vista and see what happens for us.


please do let me know what happens with your tests, if there is a work around or not. Also i think SQL optimizer dont work for 64 bit OS computer. As at my company, we had to get new OS on some laptops just to use the tool(fyi)


Based on your information provided, we have tested this function again and confirmed that it is not working in Vista.

I am sorry to tell you that there is currently no workaround available. However, if you would like to access the plan help information, you may actually find them in the On-line Help. You may click F1 to open it or through the program shortcut under Start. All plan information are stored under Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle | SQL Operations in the Contents tree.

As for 64-bits environment, you are right that current version is not supported. We are looking into supporting it in our next release.

Thank you and let me know if you have further questions.