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Help with Using TDA Report Formatting Rules Conditional Editor

I am trying to create a formatting rule, which substitutes database text strings with an abbreviation in my report.

Support Desk = SUP
Warehouse = WHS
Production = PRD
Unknown = UKN

I first tried to use the Function Iif(, , ) but received an “invalid symbols” error message if I left out the FalsePart:

IiF([wName] == ‘Support Desk’,‘SUP’,)

Adding the FalsePart only gave another error message "The condition must be Boolean)

IiF([wName] == ‘Support Desk’,‘SUP’, UKN)

What is the difference between the Iif(, , ) function and a standard IF(, ,) which is not listed?

Is it possible to use embedded IF() in my formatting rules?

I can also see a need to be able to use a formatting rule to take a database code or ID and replace it with a text string, is this possible?

Any help and advise welcome

Thank you in advance.



see if this reference helps.


I cannot download the reference. Can you send me a link?

I am trying to create a formatting rule, that when a certain field is empty, the line should be skipped in my report. So I don’t get a blank line in my report. But I can’t get it to work.

Maybe this reference puts me in the right direction.