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Query Builder: generated query not visible anymore


After experimenting with the Visualize Query option, the editor of the Query Builder suddenly disappeared. The Query Builder displays only 2 tabs, i.e. Diagram and Results. There used to be a tab displaying the generated query.
How can I get this tab back?

I’m using TDA 2.7, latest version.

P.S. I’m still able to open and send the generated SQL-statement to an editor!

Go to the options under Tools. Under Database | Query Builder there is a “Restore Default Alyout” button. This will reset the Layout.


Thanks, that solved my problem!


After a TDP crash the Query sheet is missing.

I then do: Tools, Options, Database, Query Builder, RestoreDefaults.

This restores the Query sheet in the first Query Bulider window but not the others?

I have also tried:

Tools, Options, Database, Query Builder, Docking Tool Windows, Restore default layout

but this did not help.

Using TDP


Hi Arne,

We know about the issue and have QAT-6513 to track it. We looked at it but unfortunately we were not able to find the root of the problem. now we are planning to fix it for the next release.

In your case I would recommend you to reinstall the Toad.

I’d suggest to make a copy of the Toad Data Directory; to get the folder location open Help|About dialog and press the Toad Data Directory link.

After you created the copy you have to uninstall Toad and delete all files and subdirectories from the Data Directory except the Connections.xml – this file keeps all your connection informations.

Now install Toad again. This should restore the hidden tab.

We are sorry for inconvenient.