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Hitting Return While Editing Data Cell: Making It Go Down a Row


Is there a way to set Toad so that hitting Return while editing a cell sends my focus to the cell below, rather than the cell to the right? Tab already sends the focus to the right, but I find it a bit of a stretch to have to hit the down arrow every time I want to go down, especially when I’m trying to enter data quickly.

  • KJ


This is great idea! I’ve created CR#110985 to improve it.

Thanks for your post.

regards, Julia.

Thanks Julia!

I’m not sure whether this hurts or helps my case, but this is pretty common behavior of TAB vs Enter for such applications as Excel, MySQL Query Browser, and so on. So hopefully this would be helpful for many other people other than myself.



Yes, I completely agree with you :slight_smile:

Thanks, Julia.