Hive Password Prompt [Feature Request]

For Hive connections, the username/password fields are on “tab 2” and you can’t save a connection with a blank password. My request would be to allow the connection to save a blank password, and then prompt for password if it’s blank in the connection properties.

Current behavior is to attempt the connection with a blank password which leads to authentication failure with the database.

Use case: My database password is stored in a two-factor authentication system and it changes all the time. There is no point to save the old one and it’s annoying to have to open the connection and navigate to the 2nd hive tab in order to paste in the 1 time password.

Ideally, I’d be able to double click the connection in the Navigation manager, and it would see I don’t have a saved password, prompt me for one and set the focus on the password field so I could just ctrl-v, enter to complete the connection.

Looks like a similar request was made for DB2 a long time ago: CR108401