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Password prompt gone on latest Beta

Good morning TOAD team,

Just our crazy time when I need to change all my read only passwords and update them on all the copies of TOAD I have installed. Yes, what a waste of time and resources; end rag.

Anyway; TOAD has prompted for an updated password on failed credentials for decades; but not in the latest beta. Why did this change? Can it be put back?


Hi Larry,

I assume you are talking about what I call the "little login window" that used to appear after a failed connection from the main login window. We got rid of that because it was a bit pointless. Now if the connection fails, it just kicks you back to the main login window where you can enter the new password here


Good afternoon John,

The issue I have is that I’m not starting from that list. I pick my recent login (first screen shot) and then used to get to enter the credentials when it failed, but now I get a blank screen (last screen shot below); if the list popped up with the password highlighted, that would be great, too. There are a thousand connections in my list, very hard to find useful connections. Yes, I’m forced to sort by recent connection and go down that list in your screen. Then resort that list so I can find items, when needed. Can you please bring back the pop-up for those of us who do not use the login list, or alternatively bring up the login list with the failed password highlighted?


Yes but that will have to wait until 14.2. I did not intend to take it away there.

In the meantime, try this to filter your login window to make it useful again:

  1. Go to main login window
  2. If you have more columns visible in the login grid than you care to see, click the top-left corner and uncheck the columns that you don't care about (leave "Last Connect" checked)
  3. Hover over the right hand corner of the "Last Connect" column header and check "Last 7 days"