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How do I compile a package without debug?

How do I compile a package without debug? I’m using Toda for Oracle I have a package when I right click compile you get the options to Compile with Debug, Compile with Debug Spec Only, and Compile with Debug Body Only. How do I just compile without any debug. Thanks

There is a button on Toad’s main toolbar to turn off compile with debug. It looks like a green bug with a yellow triangle on it. You’re in “compile without debug” mode when the button is up.

Thank you that resolved my issue.

I want to compile without debug.

I change the "Execute/Compile" option by unchecking the [Default to "Compile with Debug"] and apply.

Recompile the procedure. But this procedure that was compiled with debug is still show "Compile with debug", How to remove it?


Okay, I figure it out by clicking the button "Compile with debug" to let it up, then compile again.