Suggestion: New option to Toad for Oracle to compile objects without DEBUG


I am oracle DBA, and have been using toad for several years now and I must say I love it. I have thought this a lot and now I thought that I’d make a such suggestion.

It is very convenient to compile objects via “Schema Browser” buttons, but I really am missing such COMPILE options without DEBUG. And hence, I often have to write specific DDL’s to compile without debug option.

The reason for this is ofcourse optimization. As we all know, compiling with DEBUG option, disables most of the optimizations, so it has impact on performance.

TOAD version:

It would be nice to have such option, to compile all the objects (classes, triggers, procedures, functions, packages etc) without DEBUG option, on future releases.


Raul Kaubi

There is a toolbar icon that controls this. It looks like a green bug with a yellow triangle. By default it is “down”. Click it to “Up”, then your compile statements from the SB do not include the debug option.

The toggle in the header turns it off until you restart Toad. To make it permanent do the following steps

  1. click View/Toad Options

  2. On the left panel click the Execute/Compile selection

  3. Uncheck the option "Default to “Compile with Debug”

  4. Click apply at the bottom of the window

  5. Click OK

Thats it . To turn on debug with compile you can click the green bug referenced by John above



Thanks, for both of you.