How do I duplicate a line of code with shortcut key like VSCODE

Eclipse, NotePad++, VS Code, SQuirrel SQL, DBeaver, etc allow you to use a shortcut key to duplicate lines of code.

How can I do this in Toad Version: (64-bit)

That is not a valid Toad for Oracle version, but if you're using Toad for Oracle you can assign a shortcut to the "Line duplicate" command in Toad's Options. Select the Toolbars/Menus | Shortcuts page and assign a shortcut of your choosing.

Whoops, I have Taod Data Point I do not have that option.

It says CUrrent keyboard scheme: "Toad for Oracle", which is why I got confused. Search for "duplicate", and no such luck. What am I missing?

Ah, this is the Toad for Oracle forum, but your question is about Toad Data Point, Ken.

You're in the right spot though... try looking at the options under the "Cursor" node, as in the snap below. Hope this helps.

Probably should move this to the Toad Data Point forum...

I moved it to the TDP forum.

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