How do I turn off Formatter Header in Toad for Oracle 12.12

In Toad for Oracle 12.12, I can’t find the option to turn off the Formatter Header, i.e. the ‘automatically generated comment when Formatting’. Can someone help please?

Thanks - Brenda

Main Toad Options -> Formatter. Expand the yellow “>>” on the right. Click Header, then Disable.

I don’t have any formatter options. I just moved to a new laptop at work, and the Formatter options menu is missing. The left side of the Formatter menu is completely blank. I was able to sign in to my old computer where I had “Oracle Formatter Options” on the left side, and I’m not aware of any options I chose to remove it in my new install. My previous version of Toad was 32-bit. My current version is 32-bit. The FmtPlus.opt file is in the UserFiles directory. Here are the contents of that file:



Thanks - Brenda

Yes you do. :slight_smile: I’ll be more specific:

  1. Start Toad
  2. On Toad’s main menu, click View, then Toad Options.
  3. About 1/2 way down on the left hand side of the Toad options window, is “Formatter”. Click that.
  4. On the right hand side is a double-arrow icon that is yellow. Click to expand it.
  5. Under that, click “Header”.
  6. On the right, click “Disable”.

John - thanks! This is exactly what I did yesterday, and the left side was completely blank. No yellow double-arrow icon. However, after restarting Toad today, it is there. Something I did yesterday triggered it. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Brenda

You’re welcome. I’ve never seen the icon not there, but I’ve never looked there first thing after installing Toad either. Glad it worked.