Disabling Formatter

I am being forced to use Toad for Data Analysts to access a database, and I want to know if there is some way to turn off automatic code formatting when viewing VIEW, PROCEDURE and FUNCTION scripts (like you can do in the full TOAD for ORACLE version)

I am using TOAD for Data Analysts 2.5.1.

Note: It seems that the only way that I can see the actual original code is to look at in using the ‘ALTER VIEW / PROCEDURE / FUNCTION’ option. As soon as you try to EDIT the object or show the script, TOAD for Data Analysts re-formats the code - and it looks like there is no way to turn that off.

We currently do not have an option to turn off formatting.

Should I assume you want to turn off formatting because there is an error in formatting? If this is the case I would prefer to fix the error. Can you send a sample/screenshot of the issue?

P.S. I am assuming you are referring to connecting to Oracle and not some other database type.


No - my reason for turning off formatting is because it is absolutely critical that the original code as it was originally created be available for future editing in the exact same format as it was originally created.

We have very strict rules for how code is to be formatted (especially in the creation of views). And the TOAD formatting very seriously changes that.

We also have a strict rule when creating views that we are not to use column lists in a view definition - something that the TOAD formatter insists on putting in. All column names need to be defined in the view explicitly using the AS construct. We never want a column name to be accidentally redefined because of a typo in the column list.

There are many other aspects of the code that are changed as well by the formatter.

Other versions of TOAD have no problem with turning off source formatting - and even TOAD for Data Analysts allows you to see the code as originally written, just not in the EDITOR option.

Attached is a file showing a code snippet from a view definition as originally coded and what it looks like after being “formatted” in the TOAD for Data Analysts editor windows.
Code_FORMATTER_sample.txt (4.41 KB)

Thank you for the attachment. This makes it clear why you need this. I have entered CR78,006 for this enhancement.

Thanks for your details,