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How does View Differences work?


I am running ver 6.0. I am trying to figure out how the View Differences screen works. I thought that I could open one package, compare it to a another package, copy the differences over and then save the packages. Unless I’m missing something, you cannot do this. It seems to want to save as some other type of file.




Yes, the result of the copy of differences is an SQL script that will recreate the object. And yes …you have to save it, load it and then run it to have your object changed (Maybe it got that kind of beaviour from TOAD?)

SQLnav View differences allows you compare several types of DB objects and also scripts. What it does when asked to compare database objects is to extract the DDL of the object (I think it use the DBMS_METADATA.get_ddl).

I think that an option should be available that would allow to run the result script (in left or right plane in a session) without having to save, load and then run it.

Filipe Silva


Hi Randy,

I actually found a better way to do this. After copying the differences over, you can click on Open in Code Editor icon (the forth icon from the right on the toolbar), it will save the changes and open the package in the code editor. It still prompts you to save the ddl but you don’t have to reload and run the ddl script.




This is closer but still needs work on Quests part. Here’s some background info: when making code changes to a package (spec & body) I first copy that package and rename it. I make all of my changes in the copied package and then test it. When ready to move to production I open up both packages and then copy/paste everything from the test pkg to the production pkg. I was hoping that the View Differences window would do this for me but it’s not quite there yet.

Thanks for your help.



Hi Randy,

I have logged your enhancement request. Please keep in mind that it’s a low priority so it won’t be available anytime soon.