How to deploy Model to different DB environments

Hello, Team.

An app is being developed. As DBA I was requested to create four databases in Oracle 12cR2. The ER Diagrams has been created in Toad Data Modeler 6.4. There are three environments (QA, Development, Prod) that need these 4 four databases.

How can I **automatically ** deploy these databases to each environment (knowing that the schemas, tablespaces have different names)? Do I have to create a different model for each environment?



if you have created your models in TDM you should generate (F9) DDL script and run it on database in your environments. TDM does not support automatical deploy but we are integrated with Toad for Oracle (TfO) which can be used for it. If TfO is already installed TDM should detect it (see Option | Toad for Oracle Integration) and when you generate a DDL of your model TDM will automatically open the generated script in TfO.

It’s not necessary to have or create a different models for each environment.



Thanks, David.

Ok. I got it. I saw the option. I was doing that manually.