How to disable auto reconnect?


I have trouble when I work offline. After every click on the editor, I get this error message
Connection is not connected.
Despite I have disabled this option in the settings

The strangest thing is that this happens only for packages, not for anonymous blocks

Could someone help with that?

Hi Denis,

By "work offline" do you mean that you did not make any connection at all in Toad and you still get that error? If so, we've got a bug, because Toad shouldn't be doing anything that would require a connection. I'd like to know how to reproduce it if this is the case so I can be fix it.

That option, if checked, and connection is lost, will silently reconnect you and Toad will recover from whatever it was doing and continue without interruption. You might notice a delay during the connection loss, then reconnect, but other than that you won't know anything happened.

If UNchecked - when a connection is lost, you'll get an error dialog with a "reconnect" button. The button will reconnect you, but you'll probably have to retry whatever you were doing.


Try this: Go to Options -> Editor -> Behavior. If "backup editor every N minutes" is checked, uncheck it. That could be where your the SQL is coming from. When you are editing a package, and we do the editor backup, we grab the last ddl time for the package. But again, that shouldn't happen if you are working w/o a connection.

Assuming your connection was lost... do you have utPLSQL installed on the DB that was previously connected?

I use two VPNs for my work by turns
and I open two connections
when one of the connections is active, another one trying to reconnect

no, I don't use it

it didn't help

I use two VPNs for my work by turns
and I open two connections
when one of the connections is active, another one trying to reconnect

I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying you can have only one VPN connected at a time, and each connection in Toad uses a different VPN, so only one connection will work at a time?

You said you get the message "after every click in the editor". Do you mean from one editor to another or clicking around within an editor? Where in the editor are you clicking?

Can you give us some specific steps to reproduce the problem? I can cause a connection to be lost, and when that happens you might get that message once or twice, but after that, it should stop until you reconnect.

I recorded a video

Try this query to see if somebody else has installed utPLSQL on your database.

Those background queries could be running even if you aren't using it.

select *
from dba_objects
where object_name like 'UT%' and object_name not like 'UTL%'

If utPLSQL is installed, it will return around 300 objects from this query.

yes, it is installed

If you remove it, those errors will go away.

We'll look at a fix for next version.

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I can't remove it
Thank you

If you are able to use the beta, it will be fixed in Monday's update.

You can get the beta here.

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