How to generate a stacked graph FastReport?

Hey all,

In, I’ve created a query in the Editor that results in columns SAMPLE_TIME, VALUE1, and VALUE2. I’m now trying to create a FastReport chart from the grid results of a stacked area of the two value columns.

After formatting the page, I create the chart object, which brings me into the Chart Editor. I add a series and choose Area, then Stack. Data Source is set to DataSet->Master, with VALUE1 as the “Y” Values and SAMPLE_TIME in the “X (optional)” dropdown. The graph is all pretty-like now, but I want to stack VALUE2 onto SAMPLE1’s graph.

If I add another series exactly the same as above, but with VALUE2, the resulting chart line is placed deeper on the Z-axis, instead of stacking on the Y-axis.

I tried checking the FastReport help and duckduckgo (google w/o the tracking), but no luck.

Thoughts anyone?


Choose an Area chart. Set up one series with first value for Y, and time for X. Add another series and repeat with the other value for Y. You might have to change the order of the series to get the right one on top, so it doesn’t completely cover the other.

If you turn off the 3D option, you won’t see the 2nd one going deeper on the Z axis.

Hey John,

So, I did that, but I’m still not seeing stacking values. Wait…no stacking values

It turns out that the timestamps between the two series is a wee bit different, so the data itself isn’t stacked And if the data isn’t stacked, I can’t imagine how the flippin’ chart could be.

Gah! Seriously, I need a vacation. I hear Mars is nice this time of year.

Thanks John!