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How to plot multiple series from single column in FastReport?


Hey all,

I need to plot objects that exist in the buffer cache and their sizes over
time and Grid Control has some nasty looking graphs. The data looks like

Time Stamp Object Name Size MB
04/07/2011 02:02:55 DTA.F55 184.414062
04/07/2011 02:12:55 DTA.F55 235.070312
04/07/2011 02:22:56 DTA.F55 117.203125
04/07/2011 02:02:55 DTA.F55_0 108.84375
04/07/2011 02:12:55 DTA.F55_0 116.773438
04/07/2011 02:22:56 DTA.F55_0 116.6875

I’m apparently on a braincation – anyone know how to plot these two Object
Names as separate series in FastReports? NOTE that the actual number of
Object Names will vary, so typical pivots are probably not practical (are



Rich – [TeamT]

Disclaimer: Vacation, staycation, braincation – it’s all the same.


Did you get this far? That button I circled will add another series.


Did you get this far? That button I circled will add another series.

Yup, but since the number (and names) of Object Name changes, I’m not sure
how to make that dynamic. Basically, I’m looking for control-break logic –
Plot out this data as a series until the Object Name changes, then start
over and plot the next batch. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Rich – [TeamT]

Disclaimer: Well my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming
to a middle.


Yeah, noticed that after I hit send. Sent you a few emails offline.