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How to generate an xml schema from a physical data model

I am trying to generate a full XML schema from a physical data model. The xml schema should have xsd format with all schema elements defined. Any thoughts?

Hello rabuhasan,

Toad Data Modeler can do this. You need switch on expert mode (Main Menu - Settings - Options - General - Expert Mode) and go to Main Menu - Expert Mode - Generate XSD File.

XSD file is valid for active model. So for example if you have sample model Videorental as active, you will get xsd file valid for Oracle 10g, because videorental is model of Oracle 10g.


Hi Daril,

I tried the the Expert Mode earlier, and it generates an xsd report file that does not contain the actual physical model entities. I am looking for an xsd output with all physical entities in it. Thanks,


unfortunately you are right. It’s look like this functionality is out of date. I created Issue TDM-4212 to repair it for next release.