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How to get the list of all tables that has same column with different names?


In Toad Data Modeler, is there a way to find out the list of ALL tables that have the same column, but it is called with different names?

1.We noticed that, in the past in some tables we named the column name for Routing Number as rout_num, routing_number, bank_routing etc.
2.Now if we want to find the list of tables that stores "Routing Number", either I can export the data model in CSV and I can filter on the "Attributes" sheet.
3. Also, in TDM 7.0, in the filter section I tried by typing *rout --- This gave a list of all table names that had "Routing Number".

So trying to find out is there any other option to find the list of all tables that have the same column but named in different ways.

Thanks !!

Hi Rajesh,
another way how to find the list of all tables with required columns is to use Object viewer (see the attached screenshot). Double click on the searched items will open its properties.


This is cool... Thanks David !!


Hi David,

Follow up clarification - Instead of double click on the searched items to open its properties, is there an option in TDM to extract the search result in CSV ?

I tried to see if there a way to copy the result by right clicking, getting below error message:


Thanks !!

Hi Rajesh,
there is no option to export results. Maybe it could be done through a script, but I'm not sure. And the problem with right click should be fixed in TDM 7.3 (TMB-1356).