How to highlight the same word in TDP 4.3 editor?

How can I setup TDP 4.3 so that when I highlight a specific word, all the same words get highlighted in the editor?

I have posted a screenshot below to show what I am looking for. When I highlight the word "employees", all the "employees" in the editor get highlighted.


Hi Dennis,

actually I have a good news and bad news. The bad is we don't have this feature in TDP4.3 but the good news is we already implemented this feature and you can use it with new version of TDP 5.0 (will be released really soon).


Ah okay. Why was this feature not in TDP4.3? Seems like a basic/important feature. Any particular reason for removing it?

I don't think it got removed. It just got tangled up in some other code and got lost. As Felip mentioned it will be in TDP 5.0 which will be GA on Monday April 15th

I found out the history on this. It was a feature included with several others. That whole section of features was found to take extra time to perform. We refactored and optimized the area and that feature accidentally got lost. It will be in the TDP 5.0.3 release as mentioned but it will be an option that you will need to turn on.

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