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How to I use Toad data modeler to generate data dictionary for tables in Oracle EBS application



My company is using Oracle EBS application. Now, I am evaluating how to use Toad Data Modeler 6.4 to generate data dictionary for several tables in Oracle EBS application.

I have followed the standard instruction in Toad web site to select several tables to generate the data dictionary. But, it seems that Toad Data Modeler is doing the whole database reverse engineering and run for a long time to generate the data model. When I tried to generate the report (data dictionary), Toad run for a long time. Then, I got a message of internal error in Toad.

I tried several times without any success. Please tell me the way to generate the data dictionary of a module of tables in Oracle EBS application. Thank you.

Referred instructions “How to reverse engineer database structures with Toad Data Modeler:”
Toad data modeler error in generating data dictionary.docx (585 KB)



it look like some bug in TDM, unfortunately we are not able to reproduce it. Could you provide your model for testing purpose? You can send it to email Model will be deleted after we solve your problem. If you are not able, can you provide statistic from model(number of entities, relationships etc.) ? You can get statistic from Main Menu - Model - Statistic.

Thank you