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How to name a current connection



Is it possible to set a name of current Toad connection in Java based apps (JDBC) I can send a property eg.


So in DB2 app (db2top | linux) I can see application name. It’s nice when some SQL take a long time.

At this moment is see Application name toad.exe its unclear because don’t give me a name of workstation/user.

I’ve tried change to some setting in Client configuration Wizard without success :frowning:

I’m waiting your reply.

King regards


Kindly reminder :slight_smile:


I don’t think you can change the program name (unless you rename Toad.exe before you run it). But you can use dbms_application_info.set_module or dbms_application_info.set_action to help make your session more easily identifiable.…/d_appinf.htm


Maybe I understanding wrong.

For many users I see in Application name (db2top) “toad.exe”. When I use dbms_application_info.set_module or dbms_application_info.set_action it change globally “toad.exe” to eg. “toad_user”, but it don’t give me an information about specific user.

Changing toad.exe to toad_user.exe works but it a little workaround, isn’t it?


Can you post a screen shot of where you see “Application name (db2top) “toad.exe””?

I’m not sure if this is what you want, but you can group by username in the session browser, with Program name listed under it, like this:


replying again to attach screen shot.SessionBrowser.jpeg



as I wrote before change name of exe works fine but its a little workaround.

When everyone in team have to change name of exe file or what happen when Toad will update?

Bellow is a screen of db2top.

Values … KAO describes me but toad.exe is uncertain.

You can see other connections with JDBC (starts with DBeaver, sqrrl) passing param “clientProgramName”


Oh! Now I understand. DB2Top is another monitoring tool. And you want Toad.exe to show up differently in the “Application Name” column of DB2Top! Well, I don’t know where DB2Top gets its information from, so I can’t really answer that. All along, I thought you wanted to change the how the program name appears in V$SESSION. As far as I know, that’s not possible, but there are many other columns that can be used to identify a session such as USERNAME, OSUSER, MACHINE, etc.

You can see other connections with JDBC (starts with DBeaver, sqrrl) passing param “clientProgramName”

Toad does not use JDBC, it uses OCI. So maybe that is the difference. I am not aware of any ClientProgramName parameter.


OK, I did some searching about DB2Top - it seems this is a DB2 monitoring tool. Are you using the DB2 database? If so, you are in the wrong forum. This is the Toad for Oracle forum. Toad for DB2 is a different product with different developers and a different forum.…/18.aspx


OK, my bad I did not think that Toad is divided in different products depends from database engine.

Thanks for your help.