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Reconnect issues on

I've few connections open at least 2 of them using the same user connected the same instance.
When Using reconnect session, looks like wrong one being reconnected, I've checked it with dbms_application.set_client_info, and values in some GTT,

Can you give me some steps to reproduce it? I tried here and the right one was reconnected. This is what I did:

  1. Made sure the "Execute queries in threads" option was off (for step 3, otherwise not relevant)
  2. opened 3 connections to same user@DB.
  3. went to editor and ran "exec SYS.DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO.SET_MODULE('1', '1'); " for first connection, ran it with 2's for 2nd, 3's for third.
  4. opened session browser and verified the module set for each connection
  5. clicked Session2 on connections bar, then Session -> Reconnect.
  6. Looked in session browser and saw that session 2 changed module to "Toad 13.2...."

I can send you my config files,....

Sure send them to john dot dorlon at quest com.