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How to name a current connection



Is it possible to set a name of current Toad connection in Java based apps (JDBC) I can send a property eg.


So in DB2 app (db2top | linux) I can see application name. It’s nice to know when some SQL take a long time.

At this moment is see Application name toad.exe its unclear because don’t give me a name of workstation/user.

I’ve tried change to some setting in Client configuration Wizard without success :frowning:

With other forum thread I now that rename exe file works fine:

How to set Application name without rename exe file.

In my opinion is a little workaround, and its sensitive with toad update.

Bellow is a screenshot of db2top tool.

I’m waiting your reply.


Toad DB2 is a .Net application and not a Java application.

We use the DB2Connection .Net class, however we do not expose the ClientApplicationInformation member which can set the client application name. I am not sure how important that would be for all general Toad DB2 users.

I believe the Application Name and Agent Id on the DB2 Top report will uniquely identify Toad applications. Also, as you have pointed out, you can rename the exe to any specific name you wish. If you feel strongly about this please post this on the idea pond so we can see if any other customers would vote in favor of being able to change the toad application name.




I didn’t want to rename tead.exe it’s bad idea.

I want to set a name of my toad connection to database.

A connection with JDBC was only an example as I now toad uses OCI.

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with CLI, so my question is.

Is it possible to set some other parameter with connection string eg. clientProgramName


DB2Connection connect = new DB2Connection(“Database=SAMPLE;UserID=db2admin;Password=yourPass;;clientProgramName=Toad|myname”);


Toad|myname - is a parameter which can be set up here (or Toad.exe by default if parameter is not set)


What you are asking for has nothing to do with defining a database catalog entry. It would require an enhancement to Toad to expose the ClientApplicationInformation member of the DB2Connection class which we do not do. Please open a request in the Toad DB2 Idea Pond


so other customers can vote on this importance.




As I wrote before I’m not familiar with CLI and I don’t know how you manage connection to database.

Database catalogue Entry was my first place where I looked it for.

I also thought that is already implemented but I couldn’t find it.

Ok, if voting is the right way to add this to Toad.

I will post it.