How to Reduce load time for Toad for Oracle

The toad application takes over 2 mins to launch. We found a configuration setting online that we need to update on each users profile in Toad.ini to reduce the time to ~30 seconds.

How to get this change deployed to all users without going to each individual users profile area and updating Toad.ini

You will need to update each user's profile which you could probably script.

Does the delay occur when you see "Initializing version engine" on the splash screen? If so, which version of Toad are you on? Toad 16.3 introduced some changes that should alleviate this, but we cannot reproduce the delays in house and I've yet to find a customer to confirm if the changes work or not.

We are on version 16.0. Yes the delay is on the "Initializing version engine" message.

if there is base edition for 16.3 version or above and to provide us a link to download. We can't install the subscription based version because that requires internet connectivity to validate the license.

I have sent you a direct message.