Launching TOAD and ZScaler - Long Delay

I've noticed for the past few versions that when launching TOAD it is taking 30-60 seconds before the splash screen appears. This occurs for others on my team as well. We use Zscaler (a proxy-type VPN) and I believe this is the issue. When I disable ZScaler, the TOAD splash screen appears within 5-10 seconds (unfortunately, I can't access my Oracle database with it disabled). I'm curious to know if TOAD is attempting to "phone home" on launch? If so, what is the URL/IP address of where it's trying to connect. I'd like to contact my ZScaler support team to have it addressed, but I've not been able to pinpoint where it's connecting. Better yet, is there a way to disable this check on startup of TOAD?



Hi Bill,

This may help, let me know if it does not.

  1. Close Toad
  2. Edit Toad.ini with notepad. (look here if you need help finding it)
  3. In the [SETTINGS] section, modify these entries from 1 to 0 if they exist. Add them if they do not exist.
  4. Save and exit, try Toad again.

FeedBackOptIn was already set to 0, had to add InternetAccess=0. But, unfortunately it made no appreciable difference with Zscaler enabled.