How to replicate connections and passwords with Roaming profiles

I know about connections.xml file, which contains the saved connection details and optionally a hashed password per connection.

We are setting up TOAD to run on a 2 node load balanced configuration in Citrix as a published application. When a user runs TOAD, it may run on either of the servers. Is there a way we can have the connecions.xml file roam between the 2 servers? We tried copying the file from the server the connections were created on to the other server, under the same user profile, when TOAD is opened on the second server by the same user, all the connections exists, but the saved passwords are blank.

The server the application will run on is not visible to the end user. We would like to make this a seamless experience for the user, so that all connections and passwords saved on either server update on the other server.

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